From the recording Gunpowder & Gasoline

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If I’m the first man who, Sang a song about a girl like you
And your eyes, your hair your smile and your kiss

Well, I’d be very shocked my dear, Because those songs are all I ever hear
But they fall to short to be about you all they do is miss

Cause I’m gonna tell you girl right now & here
I see the proof of God every time you are near
When he got done making the earth sun & moon
He left is signature and I think he signed it with you
~God signed the world with you----~ F-G-E7

Verse 2
I know that you’ve been mine, For what some might say is quite some time
But I still crave to know you everyday more & more & more

And if we should have bad years, I hope to fight thru all the tears and fears
Cause girl y’know you’re worth it, you’re the one I adore

Repeat Chorus

Oh no, don’t you ever doubt/ No girl here’s what it’s all about

If all the beautiful girls in the world are a whisper/ Then YOU are a shout

chorus scat
But caution if you break my heart, It will tear me entirely apart
More than it ever would the average love-struck man…2 beats extra

Because this is no average thing, So no average words for you should I sing
So I just keep trying more until you understand…2 beats extra