From the recording Gunpowder & Gasoline

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Title track with great harp solo


I wanna paint my house the color of your eyes
I want a living room that’s right inside your mind
I wanna take a pill that tastes just like your skin
I wanna build a door that only lets you in

I wanna clean my room with everything in place
I want a blanket covered with a picture of your face
I wanna washcloth that purifies me just like you
And as a matter of fact, I think I might need two

And you’re everything D-G-A
Good and clean D-G-A
Like a bonfire D-G-A
Burning thru the mountain rain D-G-A
Im lit up for you, to be lit up for me E-C-
D – we’ll light the night sky up beautifully
like Gunpowder ‘n gasoline?

I wanna invest my money in your bank account
I wanna withdraw you in the full amount
I wanna impress you with everything I do
I want a pair of shoes that walk only next to you

I wanna read a book on everything you say
I want a calendar with you on everyday
I want a ball & chain, to keep it on my brain
I want you to be my doctor when I am in pain

Banjitar chords: Capo on 2nd fret

G-c-G/ GGGG7------


C-Bb-G x2