From the recording Gunpowder & Gasoline

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Im gonna run to the sun for refuge my dear.
Cause it’s a little less HOT there then when you HERE. Youre a stunner.
If I were a cloud I’d rain on everyone but you
and if you were a star you’d shine thru. You’re a stunner.

Youre like an angel but so much better.
A fat purse keeps your halo, skinny jacket hides your feathers.
WHOAooOOOooaH--------------------------- x2
Whoa-oh! Youre Heaven undercover
Whoa-oh! ----------------Youre a Stunner

Im gonna reach for the moon to grab a gift for you
I gotta find something that the other boys cant do cause youre a stunner (my # 1-er)
Im a gonna send a picture of your face thru outer space
your beautiful enough to protect the human race cause youre a stunner (Laser gunner) Chorus/ solo/ -
I’m gonna buy us an island so remote and up northern
Because your so blazing you make winter into summer-Youre a stunner
If I were a cloud I’d rain on everyone but you and if you were a star, wait.
You already are. But girl youre a stunner too.
Whoa-Youre heaven undercover
Whoa-You make every winter into summer
Whoa-Your blazing like a million ovens
Whoa-people pushin & people shovin’
Whoa-To see your fashion and your lovin
Whoa-They flockin’ round like buzzards
Whoa-A girl like you there aint no other-Whoa-Whoa------youre a stunner