1. Old Rag Blues

From the recording Gunpowder & Gasoline

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A song written atop Old Rag mountain in the Shenendoah of Virginia


Vs 1
She has chains for hands.
And she holds me up against the wall
with her best laid plans

Yeah, she’s a Virginia girl
A stones throw from the West Virginia line
Oh, she ruins me
And now I’m walking the skyline drive

(B7)I’m gonna climb Old Rag mountain and let myself go
From the (A)top of the (G) world to the (E) valley (B7) below....and I'll suffer no more
(as I rest in the shenendoah)

Vs 2
Oh pain, pain, pain
She gives and gives and gives
And the things she says can tear me apart
Before the words fall from her lips

Oh, Shenandoah!
You land of peace and relief
Please don’t you let me down? I was Blue Ridge bound
Cause I’m so overcome with grief


Vs 3
Whoa hold on-----tight
As I look over Sperryville
She’s broken my heart & mind
This flatland boy should’a never fell for that Appalachia girl