1. Huck Finns

From the recording Gunpowder & Gasoline

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An ode to Fish's favorite restaurant...


I’d love to sit with you under the Nashville rain its true
and let it pour all over me and wash us east thru Tennessee
We would ride above the wave over the hills and thru the caves
F G7
Until we make our way to stop by my favorite place
Huck Finns – Chicken & Catfish
C F---G---------c
Huck Finns – Yes I wish, Oh yes I wish!

The next day we’ll start again and stomp some mountains until the end
but when our stomaches grumbling, to Pigeon Forge we’ll head back in
I like my catfish spicy grilled you like your chicken and vittles
with some sweet tea to guzzle down until the next time we come around

Chorus ends on Am to bridge-soft/ dramatic~ C-Am - C-Am—C-Am - F-G-G7
You know theyre standing at the podium to greet you in style
Their wooden floor is creaking & the E7 server’s got a smile
Good folks, good food & music like a cookout indoors
I leave at noon but Im back at 7 because by then I want some more
Huck Finns!-solo over chorus
Slow tempo/ raked strum
Lets Check out Gatlinburg where Wiley Oakley Roamed this earth
We’ll walk up & down the town With the Smokies all around
Stop in the Mountain Mall at the Rhythm Section for some songs
Then Pepper Palace upstairs for those who like it hot, like you, my dear…

Maybe we’ll come from East to West this time cause we don’t need no rest
North Carolina, Cherokee past Mingo falls & Mt Sterling
Up to the Clingmans dome it’s the smokies tallest stone
but we’ll keep down 441 to where Dolly Partons from
I bet she eats at Huck Finns