1. Kentucky Thing

From the recording Gunpowder & Gasoline

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Meet me at Miguels cause I got something to say
and the perfect place to tell is at in that yellow shack in slade
Girl your smoking I aint joking, you’re the commonwealth of cute
when you walk right through that wooden door Im gonna say to you
I think its time we drew the line look out girl cause Im about to make you mine

You’re my: Kentucky thing/ Red River Gorge queen
You’re the best thing/ these hills have ever seen
Youre my Kentucky Thing, mountain vivacity
Youre the prettiest thing, from Ohio to Tennessee(2nd time (G) )

Hop me in your pickup for route 64,
Then we head thru Lexington down to the big south fork
the sunlight in your hair in the mist of yahoo falls
then we head north up to Louisville so you can hit the mall
you wear your boots then high heeled shoes
Downhome beauty I cant get enough of you

(Bb) Ive got you now your mine, you know theres no girl whos ever been finer (B) We gonna stop in Frankfort for some Ricks white light diner
(c) You have a po’boy and I have some crawdad pie but
(c#) Chef Rick is hitting on you and so is a coal miner
(D) but I aint bothered none though cause I aint no whiner
(D#) Im just glad to be your man now lets go git like sidewinders &
(E) slither out this town for we got more adventures to go find
(F) Youre always on my heart girl and always on my mind
(G) now hop back in the truck & kiss me before we ride
(G#) driving so fast with you on my lap through the commonwealth with (A) style!!

Now Im’a take you down to Pikeville then to Kingdom Come
Like Justified we rollin’ through the coalfields of Harlan
Maybe Middlesboroughs Pinnacle to watch the setting of the sun
We’ll dance the night away cause coal keeps all the lights on
In the mornin’. We’ll start again. Lets raise a toast with an Ale81