1. Home Unknown

From the recording Gunpowder & Gasoline

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A song Fish wrote to raise awareness about Homelessness.


Home unknown © Michael Fisher January 2013 E shape at:
2-EJust one photo of Moses would show me where home is
And (Aj9) prove that the oldest of (G) stories are true E
Then I’d gather my faith up and wear it like make-up and
It would be such a shake up & I’d shape up like you want me too.

See? If you cant produce the photo then theres something you should know
Ill tell you pro-bono how you can give more than a picture would prove
Its not by what you well-wish or say, its by what you do and how you pray
& how you treat me today if God is reflecting on you

Cause I feel hopeless & the cold is making me feel what I suppose is
shame and hunger and a burden of proof
That I somehow deserve to be sheltered as if my virtues
will be added to your own worth if I can convince you of my value

5 We say that each person matters, yes every one, 7 but can you see me as someone who may still overcome ?9 or do you see me as lesser 10 or maybe less than real E instead?
5. I aint saying that I could do 7. any better, Im just like all of you 9 this worlds so crazy 10 we all mean to do our best E we’re all kindred
I may be Home unknown – I but I’m still flesh and bone
I may be home unknown- but my story is not yet done.

It’s true, every October I pledge to get sober
before it gets colder and so hard to bear
But I end up unworthy in the gutters & dirty
and not even the Godly will offer more than their prayers

So, I’m certifiably doubtful of people with mouthfuls
of easy answers or pity or disregard or fear
because if I smell of maybe whiskey or other sins that are within me
The many hypocrites hide their own addictions and cease to care chorus

After years of returning to these streets I am burning
With disappointment in myself and God and maybe you
Cause there’s others around me with no crime, drug or house, see?
They simply been grounded by reality for them and their children too.

Why do we respect homelessness as an American success when it appears to be in the past and in the persons rear view? But when it seems to be in their future we say its their own failure, their destiny or a personal consequence we accuse