Fish Fisher: The Godfather Of Ghettobilly

Singer, Songwriter & Producer; Fish Fisher.

Fish is an award winning songwriter & Country, Folk & Southern Rock singer based out of Gatlinburg, Toledo & Nashville. He regularly plays his special hybrid of original music across the country but is especially fond of touring Appalachia. 

Fish has co-written with hundreds of other songwriters and in all genres. Many artists have cut his songs over the past 10 years from his catalog of approximately 1,800 works.

Fish’s signature sound is always gruff, rootsy and down-home, but genre-hopping is his specialty. Call his style whatever you want.

Fish performs & records as a solo artist but is also found in several other bands & projects like:

*STRONG ARMED ROBBERS - Outlaw-Country music team-up with EmiSunshine, Big Diddy & Fish Fisher based out of east TN.

*S.U.S. - Hard Rock band from Toledo with Fisher as the frontman featuring over 10 albums worth of songs released.

*Distinguished Bastards of the Foothills - Detroit based band with that garage-Rock sound. well as various other touring side projects & recording collaborations.





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