Fish Fisher: The Godfather Of Ghettobilly

Fish Fisher is an award winning songwriter and Country, Folk & Southern Rock singer-songwriter based out of Toledo, Gatlinburg & Nashville. He regularly plays his special blend of original Outlaw-Country music traveling thru his custom-made 'Rust-belt to Coal-belt' road-tour scouring a giant triangle-shaped area from Detroit to Nashville to the Outer Banks coast and back. Fish custom gears most of his road-tours with a heavy focus on playing the Appalachian areas of the nation but plays all over too.

He's a regular performer at many annual music fests such as The Smoky Mountain Songwriters Festival, The Johnson City Folk Festival, The Buffalo Valley Music Festival, The Mothman Festival, etc.

As a performer Fish is an indescribably high energy one man act. As a songwriter Fish is always crafting the next one and collaborating with songwriters from all genres creating about 200 new tunes per year, many of which are written for other artists to perform or with intent to sell. Fish co-writes songs with 100's of other songwriters from all over the country and in all styles. He equally enjoys writing alone or collaborating, hosts co-writing workshops & retreats and tries to support new writers as much as possible.

Fish is available for bars, venues, showcases, festivals, biker rallys/ poker runs, benefit concerts, family friendly daytime events, hardcore dive bars, island retreats, cruises, golf courses, theatres, house shows, campgrounds, piers, hotels, restaurants, coffeehouses, swanky ordeals, private events, weddings, graduation parties, business functions, outdoor busking events, radio & tv shows and random strange gigs. Just contact him here for booking. He has a custom set list for each and every one.

All Fish's shows are authentic, fun & unique. His vast catalog of over 2000 original songs are memorable, earthy & diverse. His presentation of over 1500 cover songs each have a unique twist to them (from Johnny Cash to Jay Z) and are sure crowd-pleasers in tourist areas and good-time bars. Fish is equally happy juggling back & forth between all-original shows and all-cover shows.

They call Fish the "Godfather Of Ghettobilly". His signature sound for his own material is always wild & rootsy. It's somehow down-home yet urban. Genre-hopping is his specialty. Call his style what you want. He’s been labeled with plenty of good ones in the press; 'Mountain Music From The Rust Belt', 'Alt-Country', 'PsychedliGrass', 'Acoustic-Sludge', 'Ghettobilly', 'Unplugged-Rock', 'Roots-Pop', 'Rowdy-Folk', 'Yeehaw-Blues', etc. All of these are actually a little correct too.

Fish is infamously infatuated with American southern Appalachia's entire history and geography. He's an avid solo backcountry hiker and a constant wanderer & nature lover. He was born & raised in the urban ghetto of Toledo up north but he knows the hidden hills of the coal belt better than most mountain dwellers. Many of his songs have been ignited by the people, situations and places he’s been inspired by during his travels.

*Fish is also involved in numerous other projects besides his solo work which are mentioned & promoted often his facebook, Instagram, etc.


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