1. Mothman

From the recording Gunpowder & Gasoline

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A tune about the infamous mythical Mothman of Point Pleasant WV!


“Mothman” written & recorded by Michael Fisher & Jason Jared © 2011

Verse 1:
With his red eyes aglow and his white wings spread wide
You are helpless below looking up to the night
Is he chief cornstalks ghost or an alien?
On the shores of the Ohio here in West Virginia

In point pleasant we live beneath his shadow our days are numbered one & all
There’s no rest here between the mountains and the meadow we know he’s supernatural

Watch out! the Mothman will steal you away
Watch out! Or maybe he’ll save the day
Watch out! Is he friend or foe?
Watch out! We just don’t know

Verse 2:
Don’t go to Lovers Lane. Don’t ignore the buzz on the television.
Look for the flying man as he sends premonitions
Does he live near the Kanawha or in the plant for munitions?
Did he destroy the Silver Bridge or save the citizens?

Guitar solo

Outro chorus:
Watch out! Maybe he’ll save the day
Watch out! Or maybe he’ll eat your face
Watch out! Or maybe he’ll seal your fate, yeah
Watch out! …Or save the human race

~Since 1967 we’ve wondered if he’s from hell or from heaven~